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What to Expect

Vermont Future Fest isn’t just another event—it’s a vibrant celebration that embraces sustainability in all its exciting forms. From savoring local food to grooving to live music, being inspired by engaging speakers, and enjoying an array of activities, there’s something for everyone.

Embark on a journey through our clothing swap presented by Replays, embark on a family-friendly scavenger hunt, and indulge in complimentary Ben & Jerry’s samples for those with a sweet tooth. Immerse yourself in the diverse offerings from local vendors and take part in our raffle with fantastic prizes!

Our event encompasses everything from delectable food and captivating music to stimulating talks, engaging activities, a thrilling raffle, a clothing swap, and a captivating scavenger hunt. We’ve crafted an experience that transcends boundaries, making sustainability accessible to all. Our festival promises not just education but also an unforgettable and adventurous experience. Join us as we proudly carry on Vermont’s rich tradition of environmentalism, adding a fresh and enticing twist!

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    Our Vendors

    Thank you to all our current vendors for their invaluable contribution to Vermont Future Fest. To those who are not yet part of our vendor community but share our passion for promoting sustainability, we invite you to join us. If you’re interested in becoming a vendor at Vermont Future Fest, please reach out to us or call 1(802) 923-6334.

    About Us

    Vermont Future Fest began as a simple idea on a radiant July day, a fusion of my fondness for summertime gatherings and my passion for sustainability. Growing up amidst Vermont’s lush landscapes instilled in me a deep appreciation for our natural world and its countless benefits; indeed, as we nurture nature, it reciprocates in kind. Recognizing this symbiotic relationship, I realized the imperative to safeguard our environment.

    Preserving our planet ought to be as enjoyable as it is enlightening. That’s why I (Chase Desroches) founded Vermont Future Fest—to infuse sustainability with joy and transformative experiences. With invaluable support from Erica Laxer (Co-organizer and cherished longtime friend), Vermont Future Fest has evolved into an annual celebration, fostering a community that inspires many and leaves a significant impact. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to steward our verdant home and unite people in our shared journey towards a brighter future.

    Our Sponsors

    A heartfelt thank you to all our current sponsors for their invaluable support of Vermont Future Fest. Your generosity fuels our mission to promote sustainability and community engagement, making a lasting impact on our event and beyond. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor of Vermont Future Fest, please contact us or call 1(802) 923-6334.

    Contact Us

    Thank you for viewing our website. If you have any questions, please fill out the contact form below. For immediate assistance, give us a call at 1(802) 923-6334.